Fair Fakuma

A&E sandwich panels: ideal for lightweight applications and CO2 savingsThis year A&E Produktionstechnik GmbH will be present at the 28th Fakuma – International Trade Fair for Plastics Processing. Together with our Chemnitz partners ThermoPre Engineering GmbH, Cetex Institut gGmbH, TU Chemnitz – SLK and the INMOLDNET-ZIM cooperation network, we will exhibit on Structural Lightweight Design and Circular Econony. Visit us in hall A6 at booth 6218. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Circular Economy and Structural Lightweight Construction from Saxony

Among other things, interesting sandwich components with chemically and physically foamed “inner workings”, sandwich components made of glass fiber-reinforced polyamide with up to 50% recycled content in the moulded part core, information on a combination of a hot runner adapter plate with a newly developed ejector plate for a 2,500 kN press injection moulding combination, as well as information and practical experience on flexible injection moulding production equipment for the manufacture of large structural components with thermoplastic matrix.

A&E sandwich panels: ideal for lightweight applications and CO2 savings

A&E Produktionstechnik GmbH stands for the development of innovative injection moulding technologies. Since 2002, A&E has been developing, producing and marketing flexible injection solutions for single- and multi-component and vertical injection moulding machines. The main focus is on increasing the efficiency and cost-saving flexibility of single- as well as multi-component and vertical injection moulding machines. Among A&E Produktionstechnik GmbH’s most innovative technologies are the A&E sandwich plates, which enable plastics processors to cost-effectively convert their injection moulding machines to the sandwich injection moulding process. The advantage: plastics processors can thus comply with the legal requirements of the EU and the German government.

In the sandwich injection moulding process, secondary raw materials are used to manufacture new products. These so-called waste plastics are “hidden” inside the moulded part without any deterioration in the properties of the moulded part.

Since the used plastics are only mechanically processed, i.e. cleaned, shredded, etc., and not produced in chemical processes like new plastics, the processes are less energy-intensive – comparable to other recycling processes. This reduces CO2 emissions.

Hot runner intermediate plates for greater efficiency

Hot runner intermediate plates from A&E guarantee more efficiency and/or flexibility in the use of injection moulding machines. Hot runners in intermediate plates connect the nozzles of the injection units with the mould sprue bushings if their positions are different. This provides maximum leakage protection. In order to achieve different positions of the mould sprue bushings in relation to the clamping surface, the hot runners are mounted in the intermediate plates so that they can be moved. The contact force of the hot runner nozzle to the mould sprue bush is generated by an adjusting device. Machine and/or mould conversion is no longer necessary due to the use of the hot runner intermediate plates. The hot runner plates can be installed and removed just as easily as with conventional mould installation and removal. When servicing is required, the hot runner can simply be removed from the steel plate and serviced. This reduces downtime as well as costs – even if the mould is changed frequently – and increases service life. The optional mounting of sensors enables, for example, monitoring of the nozzle contact force. Expansion to include injection moulding processes is also possible.

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Hot runner and ejector plate combination 1,500 x 1,500 x 340mm for press injection molding combination on storage and service frame. Max. closing force of the press 25,000kN, screw diameter of the injection unit 90mm

2K sandwich intermediate plate 1200 x 1,200 x 270mm with adjustable nozzle stroke, max. 20mm, adjustable hot runner nozzle contact force, max. 100kN, Airtect leakage sensor and switching position indicator (LED red/green) for integrated closing nozzle Mini measuring connection for hydraulic pressure control during setup.