Since 2002, A&E Produktionstechnik GmbH has been developing, producing and selling flexible injection solutions for single and multi-component and vertical injection molding machines, suitable for any commercially available machine regardless of size and machine manufacturer. A&E also stands for development and innovation. In collaboration with Chemnitz University of Technology, the company is now working on a project to develop a cost-efficient system solution for small and medium-sized plastics processing companies that modernizes production lines in accordance with the current requirements of the circular economy, which are still functioning but are no longer efficient. The “RezyCo” project aims to provide small and medium-sized companies with a tool that increases the recycling rate of the plastics used in a practical and sustainable manner.

New technology for more efficiency

The technology, which is tailored to the circular economy, is primarily being developed for injection molding compounders. The aim is to enable the efficient production of advanced sandwich structures with a predominantly recycled content. Specialized system modules are being designed and integrated for this purpose. In addition, the basis for the design and production of complex 2-component recycled structures will be developed in the form of technology guidelines. The technology is to be based on system modules, which in turn allow a fusion of several technologies such as direct compounding, thermoplastic foam injection molding and the Variotherm process. The focus is increasingly on the creation of synergy effects, which should bring added value in reducing the CO₂ footprint and production costs (for the products). (Source: TU Chemnitz)

The project at a glance

Project partner:

A&E Produktionstechnik GmbH, Dresden
Core Mountains GmbH, Chemnitz
TU Chemnitz

Development project:
InnoTeam “RezyCo”:
Novel technology concept for processing plastic recyclates using 2K sandwich injection molding with coinjection technology