Flexible injection solutions for injection moulding machines, safe, stable and efficient

We develop, produce and sell flexible injection solutions for single and multi-component and for vertical injection moulding machines. Our 2K sandwich systems and hot runner adapter plates are suitable for every machine available on the market – regardless of size and machine manufacturer.

2K sandwich units for all commercially available multi-component injection moulding machines in every size, design and for all manufacturers.

Hot runner intermediate plates in vertical machines enable the installation of tools from horizontal machines.

Customer-specific adaptations enable individual solutions for our customers and their machines.


Concealed melt splices

Concealed spices (spices that are not directly visible to the machine operator or machine setter) that are used in hot runner technology always involve the

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Reuse old plastics

A&E Sandwich panel In future, plastics processors will have to use a proportion of old plastics (recyclates = regrind, re-granulates) for or in their plastic

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